Patient Navigator helps families at SECHD

Southeast Colorado Hospital District recently added a new position at the Medical Clinic. Kami Cahoon, Registered Nurse, is now our "Patient Navigator".

A Patient Navigator helps clients conquer the medical maze of the healthcare system. They help people adopt healthy behaviors, improve self-care and manage chronic disease. They can help interpret billing statements in a manner that is understandable. They assist managed Medicaid members by making appointments or arranging transportation to appointments for required visits.

There are also programs available to assist those who are uninsured and underinsured in achieving family health goals. A Patient Navigator can help determine appropriate programs and assist in completing the necessary paperwork to enroll in these programs. Some of these programs include Medicaid, local charity funding, WIC (Women, Infant, Children Nutrition Program), pharmaceutical patient assistance programs, Medicaid transportation, local transportation council funding, and local food pantries.

The services of our Patient Navigator are available at no cost to patients. Kami's office is located at the Springfield Medical Clinic, and no appointment is necessary.

Kami looks forward to helping our community better access and understand the resources available to improve family health.