Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is a health profession whose primary purpose is the promotion of optimal health and function through the application of scientific principles to prevent, identify, assess, correct, or alleviate acute prolonged movement dysfunctions. We specialize in treating pain and functional mobility restrictions from acute orthopedic injuries and surgeries to chronic long standing dysfunctions. Our goal is to improve quality of life by improving movement.

Our Physical Therapists are trained in numerous manual techniques including:

Intramuscular Stimulation/Trigger Point Dry Needling
Functional Mobilization
Visceral Mobilization
Joint Mobilization
Myofascial Release
Cranial Sacral Therapy
Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation
McKenzie Technique.

We treat across the lifespan from pediatric early intervention to geriatrics in our outpatient clinic, home health department, hospital, long term care and Alzheimer's unit. We also offer outpatient services in the adjacent Walsh Health Care Center.

For scheduling or questions contact:

(719) 523-0122