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Laboratory Technologist/Technician - Laboratory
Full Time & Per diem- Must be a MT or MLT with ASCP Certification or equivalent. Proficient in General Chemistry, Hematology, Urinalysis, Coagulation, ABGs, Urine Microbiology, Spot Testing and General Blood Banking. Requires sharing on-call coverage on weekends and evenings. Must be computer proficient.

PURPOSE FOR THE POSITION: Performs, interprets, and correlates clinical laboratory tests by following protocols to assist in physician diagnosis and treatment. Expected to utilize complex problem solving skills in resolving clinical and instrument problems.

Use techniques specified in procedure manuals for analysis of patient specimens to include urine, blood, sputum, feces and other biological fluids. Receives written (LIS) or Laboratory request and verbal requests from physicians or nursing staff for routine Hospital, ALZ and LTC or stat order for ER. Collects and receives specimens for the laboratory either from a patient or from other staff. Performs chemical, serological, bacteriological, hematological and microscopic tests to obtain data for use in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Set up urine cultures, and does other miscellaneous microbiology testing. Performs transfusion testing, including ABO/RH types and cross-match to ascertain compatibility. Draws and performs arterial blood gases. Performs electrocardiograms. Checks Quality control values to ensure accuracy of testing and report problems to Laboratory manager. Calibrates and maintain laboratory equipment such as chemistry, hematology, and coagulation analyzers. Reports any special circumstances or critical to the provider and blood bank to the Pathologist. Processes and report test (Clia Waived, Moderate and High complexity) result in a timely manner. Performs Proficiency testing when assigned. Performs clerical functions as needed and any designated functions assigned by the Laboratory manager. Able to take call for some nights, weekdays, weekends, holidays, i.e. able to rotate call-back besides regular schedule time and share rotating week-end calls. Attends meetings and in-service sessions, as directed. Requires regular attendance and punctuality. Performs other assigned duties.

MLT ASCP certified or equivalent within six months of hire. Proficient in General Chemistry, Hematology, Urinalysis, Coagulation, ABGs, Urine Microbiology, Spot Testing and General Blood Banking. Must be computer proficient. Certification in illegal drug collection within 1 year of hire date. EMR knowledgeable preferred.

Using the percentage range as listed: 0% = Never; 1% - 33% = Occasional; 34% - 66% = Frequent; 67% - 100% = Continuous
Requires full range of body motion, including:
1. Standing/Walking: Frequent. Worker is on his/her feet the majority of the day to perform direct or indirect patient/resident care, as well as the monitoring functions of this job.
2. Bending/Stooping: (knees extended; standing with knees flexed while standing; sitting): Frequent. Bending/stooping is required in most job activities (performing lab and Phlebotomy, cleaning, etc.)
3. Lifting/Handling: Frequent. Range of weight between 10-300 pounds. Patients/resident may weigh approximately 10 lbs to 300 lbs. Assistance is available if patient/resident needs to be moved from bed to wheelchair or stretcher. If the patient/resident collapses to the floor, the worker must be able to lift the patient/resident with assistance from floor level to chair. This activity is frequently done with push/pull activity.
4. Carrying: Occasional. Range of weight is 1-25 lbs. Worker must carry linen of various weights, lab trays and boxes of supplies.
5. Push/Pull: Occasional. Worker is responsible for performing a push/pull motion when moving wheelchairs intermittently over concrete/tile floor or carpeted floors. Weights varying from 25 lbs to 250 lbs.
6. Twisting/Turning: Frequent. Spent in turning activities in combination with lifting and bending. The employee may twist when stocking various cabinets, maneuvering patients/residents, assisting patient/resident from chair to bed, handling IVs, drawing blood and other specimens, and performing CPR.
7. Crouching/Stooping: Occasional. Crouching is necessary for a variety of patient/resident care activities such as making reagents in lab.
8. Kneeling: Occasional
9. Reaching: Occasional
a. Greater than shoulder height: Occasional. When worker reaches for supplies from storage shelves, etc.
b. Equal to shoulder height: Occasional. When worker reaches for slips, supplies from storage shelves, etc.
c. Less than shoulder height: Occasional. When worker reaches for supplies from storage shelves, cabinets, etc.
10. Handling/Manual Dexterity: Continuous. Both fine and gross motor skills are needed. Working speed may be crucial in critical situations.
11. Speaking/Hearing/Seeing: Continuous.
a. Speaking: Able to communicate verbally with co-workers, patients, residents, and visitors.
b. Hearing with or without correction: Within normal range of 0-25 decibels.
c. Seeing with or without correction: Within normal range of 20/30.

Requires strong people skills and verbal communication. Must be professional, flexible, caring, and compassionate and exhibit a congenial and sensitive attitude toward patients. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with patients, their families and staff members. Requires confidentiality. Requires working under stressful conditions and/or irregular hours. Requires exposure to communicable diseases and/or body fluids. Frequent exposures common to clinical environment such as phlebotomy and performing laboratory tests.
Additional Information
Position Type : Full Time
Shift : Other

Contact Information
Corey Castle
373 E. Tenth Ave.
Springfield, Co 81073
Phone: 7195232160
MT, MLT, Medical Technologist, Medical Laboratory Technician, Southeast Colorado, laboratory, lab

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