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    Community Relations & Development Manager - Administration
    This position develops, implements, and manages programs and services which support the District's Strategic Plan and Management Plans for Community Relations, Financial Development (Fund-raising), and Grant seeking activities. Primary responsibility is to plan, recommend, and implement programs and services to strengthen community relations, including publicity, special events, publications, and utilization of a variety of media resources. Publicity may include public relations, advertising, and related activities.
    Attends meetings and in-service sessions, as directed. Requires regular attendance and punctuality. Performs other assigned duties.

    Community Relations:
    1. Plans, develops, recommends, and implements an annual Community Relations Program to promote and support the mission, vision, and strategic plan of the District.
    2. Participates actively in community organizations and activities, and in appropriate professional organizations.
    3. Plans and implements marketing strategies for programs and services.
    4. Serves as a resource for other departments regarding research, development, and implementation of marketing and public relations efforts.
    5. Develops and utilizes market research tools and resources to identify community needs and assess community perception of health services provided by the District.
    6. Develops and recommends current, accurate, and professional materials, including brochures, flyers, logos, and other media.
    7. Manages the District's website to assure accurate and timely information and access to resources through website technology.
    8. Generates news releases, PSA's, advertisements, feature stories, and other media communications per the District Plan.
    9. Facilitates development and implementation of community health education programs and services in cooperation with all Departments and the Medical Staff.
    10. Establishes budgets for all Departmental programs and services, and monitors expenditures to achieve approved budget.
    11. Chairs the Community Relations Committee, with direction from the CEO and Senior Management Team.

    Financial Development:
    1. Identifies and researches potential sources of gifts and donations, including individuals, corporations, community organizations, foundations, and other sources of public or private philanthropy.
    2. Manages acknowledge of all gifts and donations, and manages approved donor recognition program.
    3. Maintains records of all gifts and donations.

    Grant Prospecting and Grant Proposal Writing:
    1. Develops and implements an annual plan for seeking grants in support of the strategic plan and goals of the District.
    2. Chairs the Grants Committee and maintains records of all grant prospecting and grant proposal activity.
    3. Reviews, coordinates, and monitors all grant applications and proposals. Assists Department Managers and other in identifying grant prospects, and in developing grant proposals.
    4. Maintains grant files including all proposals and correspondence.

    High School Diploma required, and Bachelors Degree in related field strongly preferred. Experience in community relations, fund-raising, grant prospecting and grant proposal writing strongly preferred. Experience in M/S Office applications preferred, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing, including presentation skills. Demonstrated planning and organizational skills required.


    Additional Information
    Position Type : Full Time
    Shift : Day

    Contact Information
    Sherrilyn Turner - Human Resources Director
    Human Resources
    Phone: (719) 523-2160
    grant writer, community relations, grant writing

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