Here is a more detailed update regarding the prevalence of COVID-19 in our HOME.

Weekly resident COVID-19 update- intercom on September 22, 2020

It's been 98 days since an employee positive.

Please remember to wash your hands or hand sanitize before and after meals.
Please wear your masks when outside your rooms
Please cover your nose and mouth when staff enter your room.

You can schedule video chats and calling by calling the nurses station - LTCC- 719-534-2144 or the ALZ 719-523-2140. For video chats and calling you may also email or call the Life Engagement Department at 719-523-2159. We have a nursing home Facebook page and you can find us under SECH LTCC - we do shout outs throughout the month. If you want to schedule outdoor visitation call 719-523-2141 (outdoor visitation has been cancelled until further notice, sorry for the inconvenience).
We know that you may have questions and we encourage you to contact our center. Please call for nursing question at Heather Burdick, DON @ 719-523-2144 or Glenice Wade ADON 719-523-2141, email for nursing questions at or
For administrative questions please contact Dave Engel, CEO @ 719-523-2130 or email at .