Community Health Needs Assessment

Demonstrating Community Need

As part of the Affordable Care Act, tax-exempt hospitals are required to complete a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) once every three years. While Southeast Colorado Hospital District (SECHD) is not a 501(c)(3) hospital, this study is designed to comply with the same standards and helps assure that SECHD identifies and responds to the primary health needs of its residents and enables SECHD to focus their efforts and resources on the most significant health needs of the community.

In 2018, a CHNA was conducted for SECHD and identified the greatest health needs in our community. The 2018 report includes a comprehensive assessment of Baca County, Colorado.

The analysis includes a careful review of the most current health data available, demographics and input from numerous community representatives. The process culminates in the development of an Implementation Plan to address the significant needs identified through the CHNA. SECHD will utilize its 2018 plan as a guide over the next three years to offer programs that support the health of the community and the mission of the organization.

Click on the community needs assessment that was above this (back arrow> to review the SECHD 2018 CHNA and Implementation Plan.

Please address any written comments on the 2018 CHNA and Implementation Plan or requests for a paper copy to:

Administration - Community Health Needs Assessment
Southeast Colorado Hospital District
373 East Tenth Avenue
Springfield, CO 81073
Phone: (719) 523-4501 or (719) 523-2082