RHC (Rural Health Clinic) Discount / CICP

The Medical Clinic offers a discount to patients who do not have health insurance and are considered low income

For example a family of 4 with an income at, or less than $61,500 may qualify. To determine the rate of your payment you will be asked to complete a one page form. The amount of the payment will range from $7-$40 depending on the household and annual income. This will cover the cost of clinic appointment and any treatments done during your clinic visit. The discount will not cover any test, treatments, labs, or x-rays completed at the hospital. For assistance with these services patients may qualify for CICP.

CICP is designed to provide discounted health care services to people and families who qualify. This program is not considered health insurance. It simply provides a discount on health services.

For more information
Please call the Medical Clinic at (719) 523-6628
For Information on CICP please call Marcia Elstob at 719-523-2161