Springfield (Dental Services) at the Medical Clinic

Southeast Colorado Hospital District is proud to offer a Dental Specialty Clinic. The dental office boasts new, state-of-the-art equipment and is located in the Springfield Medical Clinic.

Southeast Colorado Hospital District and Long Term Care Center is pleased to announce the upcoming dental services by Dr. Nathan Cejka. Kelly McCall will be in office to do dental hygienist work at the clinic on the 12th and she can be contacted at (719) 324-5251.
Dr. Cejka's Appointments can be made through Lindsey Bailey at 720-666-1162. Services will be at the Rural Health Clinic, 900 Church St., Springfield on November 12th and in the Southeast Area through the 14th. The next dental appointments will be either November 26th or December 3rd.

Kelly McCall a Dental Hygeine Graduate of Amarillo College will be scheduling Hygienist Appointments for Walsh Dental LLC at the Springfield Dental Clinicon the second Tuesday of each month through the Walsh Dental Hygiene office: 719-324-5251.